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Extruded Aluminum Framing & Shapes

If you’ve ever pushed Play Doh through a press to create shapes, then you’ve got the basic principle behind aluminum extrusion. Through the process of extrusion, manufacturers can create cross-sectional objects, or “profiles.” To produce these profiles, raw aluminum is pushed through a tool called a “die” at temperatures of up to 900° F. The result is a perfectly shaped piece of aluminum. Extruded framing and shapes are used in several different industries because of their unique benefits.
Futura’s aluminum extrusion capabilities focus on 6000 series soft aluminum alloys, which are noted for being lightweight yet strong—as well as economical and recyclable. Aluminum’s use is especially appealing in cold weather. As temperatures drop aluminum actually becomes even more durable. The versatile metal is also perfect in volatile circumstances including in and around flammable environments, high-voltage applications, and in hot temperatures because aluminum doesn’t emit sparks, it’s nonmagnetic, and non-combustible. For these reasons, and many more, countless companies rely upon extruded aluminum for an expanding amount of products. Find out more about the benefits of extrusion.

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Aluminum is truly among the most useful materials in the world and extrusion has allowed this metal to be utilized in nearly every industry. Some of them include:

Electronics: Many electronics employ sensitive magnets. For this reason, extruded aluminum can be found in many electronic gadgets and tools.

Transportation: Auto manufacturers prefer aluminum over other metals because it is lightweight. This limits emissions and improves vehicle performance.

Solar Energy: Solar energy is a rapidly growing industry and extruded aluminum is intimately linked to the manufacturing and proliferation of solar panels. Commonly used as solar panel mounting systems, aluminum extrusions are highly customizable and can withstand any type of weather.

This is just the beginning. Contact us to find out how our extruded products can be beneficial to your company.

Welcome to the complex world of aluminum extrusions. We’ve compiled a list of terms that will help you better understand the industry lingo—and the manufacturing process.

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