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Extruded Aluminum Framing & Shapes

If you’ve ever pushed Play Doh through a press to create shapes, then you’ve got the basic principle behind aluminum extrusion. Through this process, aluminum extrusion manufacturers can create cross-sectional objects, or “profiles.” To produce these profiles, raw aluminum is pushed through a tool called a “die” at temperatures of up to 900° F. The result is a perfectly shaped piece of aluminum. Extruded framing and shapes are used in several different industries because of their unique benefits.
If you want strong framing that won’t rust, spark, melt or be too heavy, look no further than aluminum extrusion. Companies in a variety of industries have learned the benefits of extruded aluminum for framing and other projects. To add to the natural benefits of aluminum, our extrusion expertise means you can order shapes in a variety of colors, all without strange seams and supports. Then, you can choose any kind of finish, and we’ll ship you everything you need. Click below to discover additional benefits of extruded aluminum and find out how this exceptional metal can help your company thrive.

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Aluminum is among the most useful materials in the world, and aluminum extrusion companies have made inroads in nearly every industry. Applications have included:

Electronics: Many electronics employ sensitive magnets. For this reason, extruded aluminum can be found in many electronic gadgets and tools.

Transportation: Auto manufacturers prefer aluminum over other metals because it is lightweight. This limits emissions and improves vehicle performance.

This is just the beginning. Contact us to find out how our extruded products can be beneficial to your company.

Solar energy is a rapidly growing industry and extruded aluminum is intimately linked to the manufacturing and proliferation of solar panels. Commonly used as solar panel mounting systems, aluminum extrusions are highly customizable and can withstand any type of weather.

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Welcome to the complex world of aluminum extrusion companies. We’ve compiled a list of terms that will help you better understand the industry lingo—and the manufacturing process.
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This is just the beginning. Contact us to find out how our extruded products can be beneficial to your company.

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