Futura Opens an on-site “Medical Clinic”

Futura Industries opens an on-site “Medical Clinic” for employees and family members. The “on-site” clinic is located in Bldg H-11, Futura’s main manufacturing facility. The clinic is managed by Dr. Donna Milavetz, a Harvard and Mayo Clinic trained Internal Medicine specialist. Employees and their families will benefit from the ease of seeing a primary care provider right at the workplace. Futura Industries is committed to giving each member of the Futura family, the tools that will allow them to have more control over health and health care.

“Our goal is to improve access to health care, reduce patient and overall healthcare costs by educating and encouraging positive healthy behaviors. With this new clinic, employees will now be able to obtain top-quality, patient-focused health care. It just happens to be at work!” said Susan Johnson, Futura Industries President.