Futura Wins “Orion Environmental Stewardship Award” 2009

Futura Industries is honored with the Orion Environmental Stewardship Award. We strive to improve the environment in every way we can at Futura that is why we took on a project to retrofit our lights. This project has brought the following benefits:

Power Reduction – 611,104 kWh per year or 12,222,080 over the 20-year fixture life.

Pollutant gases not put into the atmosphere as a result: CO2:416 tons per year; C: 114 tons per year; SO2: 1.66 tons per year; NOX: 0.64 tons per year.

Conservation equivalent: cutting this much electric power is like saving 50,447 gallons of gasoline or 13,201 barrels of fuel oil each year. It is also the air-scrubbing equivalent of a 112-acre forest or taking 99 cars from the road.