Futura Named “Best Company to Work for in Utah” 2009

The Utah Department of Workforce Services has recognized Futura Industries for the 10th year consecutively, as being one of “Utah’s Best Companies to Work For” for the 2009 Work/Life Award (Medium Company Category). Futura Industries is the only manufacturing company to win an award. Futura was also one of only four esteemed Legacy Status awards, which requires the following:

Demonstrated full commitment to workplace excellence
Winning the Utah Work/Life Award for 5 years

Taking an active leadership role in the workplace excellence business community

The culture of our company is the foundation of our success. Futura provides an environment where people can do their best, not just at the workplace, but at home and in each of their communities.

When asked how this type of environment is achieved – our response is simple: “Treat people the way each person wants to be treated: valued, respected and trusted. Really.”

Because the economic environment is not static, neither are we. Our expectations of ourselves are continually rising. We set high goals – and provide support and continued training so that we all reach them. We believe the not only do people want to feel “good” at work, trusted and valued, but they want to feel strong through accomplishment – personal and as a team member. Futura has created a very unique “micro-climate” where people are psyched by what we have accomplished.

Futura has a strong commitment to each individual. We are very proud of the tangible aspects of our offerings in benefits. We have company-paid long and short-term disability insurance, available to all full-time employees. Futura is a strong believer of service throughout our community, as evidenced by the projects we support.

We have had 187 employees and dependents completing secondary or technical education, using Futura’s tuition support, over the last 10 years. Having employees receive tuition support is not an unusual benefit, however, in just the last 4 years – 33 of our recipients are dependents (both children and spouses), going to school on our Futura scholarship!

We opened our medical clinic on the premises in February 2007. The Futura Medical Clinic has been in operation for over 2 years. We have our own internal medicine physician, Dr. Donna Milavetz. It is open to all employees and their families. All first visits, for everyone, regardless of whether an employee has bought our health insurance or not, is free. If Dr. Donna puts a patient on a “wellness program”, all wellness visits are paid for by Futura. We currently are paying for smoking cessation and weight loss drugs for all employees that would like to participate. Twenty people have quit smoking and as a group, we have lost over 800 lbs with the help of these drugs and Dr. Donna. We offer free fresh fruit daily for everyone in the company to enjoy.

We believe that providing quality, caring and involved health care is one of the absolute best things we can provide for our people and their families. We are investing in the long-term well being of all of us, and our families. The Clinic represents another step in solidifying the present and future well being of all Futura’s people. And to us, that is what constitutes a great place to work.

We are grateful to be considered a winner for the “2009 Best Companies To Work For” award, because it is an indicator that we are moving down the path in a way that we value. We see this award not as “an end”, but rather as a perk or a bonus; to be enjoyed briefly – as we continue efforts to transform our work environment in ways that we cannot even envision today!