Futura Named “Best Company to Work for in Utah” 2010

Futura was selected as a Winner for the 12th Annual Work/Life Awards, Utah’s Best Places to Work. In addition, we were selected to receive the Legacy Award, which is awarded to companies that have won the Work/Life Awards for 5 years, taken an active role in workplace excellence in the business community and supported the mission of the Work/Life Awards. As a winner of the Awards, Futura has demonstrated hard work and dedication in understanding and meeting the needs of our employees.

The Awards were presented by The Utah Department of Workforce Services. The Utah Work/Life Awards showcase employer best practices and provide an on-going forum for outstanding companies to exchange ideas and collaborate on challenges.

Futura is grateful to be considered a winner for the “2010 Best Companies To Work For” and is proud to have won the Work/Life Award for 11 years consecutively. This is such a great honor to our workplace!!

At Futura, we believe that the culture of an organization is the “whole deal”. And, that the culture transcends some of the more commonly thought of features of a “good culture”. The culture is how people feel at the place they work. We believe that how people feel, is driven not only by how they are treated, but what is expected of them.

Futura Industries Corporation is a primary producer of aluminum extrusions. There are aluminum extrusion plants throughout North America, and all over the world. During 2009, at least 50 aluminum extrusion plants in North America closed. At a time when U.S. extruders are faced with dramatically dropping demand and closures, as well as encroachment from Chinese extruders, how has Utah-based Futura Industries Corporation managed to thrive?

As a primary metals manufacturing industry, we are smack-dab in the middle of the economic tsunami. However, we just had one of our strongest years ever. We are strong, viable and profitable – and our people here are benefitting greatly from this!

Futura Industries has thrived because we have “made it all about our customers”. Our goal is to add value to their business in a way other competitors – foreign or domestic – cannot.

And how have we made it all about the customers? Simply – by making it all about the people that work at Futura Industries. If the team members at Futura Industries feel that they are trusted, honored and respected, then we believe they will provide products and services to their customers that will exceed the customer’s expectations. These highly satisfied customers will continue to buy our products because they add value to their businesses.

The culture of our company provides an environment where people can do their best. I am not simply referring to doing their best, on say our extrusion presses, but also doing their best as family members and members of their communities.

When asked how this type of environment is achieved – our response is simple: Treat people the way each person wants to be treated: valued, respected and trusted. Really.

Because the economic environment is not static, neither are we. Our expectations of ourselves are continually rising. We set high goals – and provide support and continued training so that we all reach them. We believe that not only do people want to feel “good” at work, trusted and valued, but they want to feel strong through accomplishment – both as an individual and as a team member. Our team members know the numbers daily – for the total organization and for their teams.

As a company, it is our responsibility to each individual at Futura to go beyond making it a fun, fulfilling and a trusting place to work. It is all of those things – but we are also making a difference to our team members in their acquisition of capabilities. Each of our skill sets are improving and increasing – making our company, and each of us, more competitive globally. Futura’s culture of high performance is helping to ensure continued jobs for all of us. At the same time, we are helping our country save manufacturing jobs. Manufacturing jobs – dollar for dollar – are documented to have a greater multiplying affect in the overall economy than any other sector. They are critically important to the well-being of our country’s economic vibrancy! We take our responsibility to do well as a world-class manufacturer seriously!

Again, we are honored to be part of the process of the Work/Life program.