New Presezzi Press Time Lapse

We are excited to announce the addition of a new Presezzi Press! It was a long and challenging process, but it was all worth it. The Presezzi press currently handles a 9 inch billet. It pumps out an incredible 3,300 Metric Tons of force, that is roughly 3,638 US tons. Optimum process control and energy savings is done via precise control of 5 individual servo motors at 200 horsepower each. Using high velocity, multi sided air and water quench systems that put out over 600 gallons per minute of water at nearly 130 pounds per square inch allow us to allows us to effectively quench thick 6061 or other hard alloy shapes. A state of the art profile handling system allows for profiles nearing 20 pounds per foot. The whole system works seamlessly via computer controls and the latest technology in process controls. All of this allows Futura to accurately produce a wide range of profiles and alloys in complex and tight tolerance configurations. Take a look at the Time Lapse video!