Futura designs and builds robot tended CNC Machining Cell

Here at Futura we have automated many processes over the years, and this video shows one of our more complex systems. Due to the volume, this part originally required us to run more than 1 machine. After they noticed an opportunity for improvement Futura engineers designed and built this robot tended CNC Machining Cell. This cell allows us to easily keep up with customer demand for an extruded and machined part for the transportation market.

As a customer, this technology can help you by reducing costs, increasing on time delivery, and ensuring consistent quality. This highly automated process ensures consistent quality because the robot can place the part in the precision fixture correctly every time. Quality checks are programmed into the process of the cell making the quality control automatic and required.
This cell increased delivery capabilities through increased machine productivity and utilization. The robot doesn’t take a lunch break or get distracted with other tasks. For example, this cell improved the daily output by 40%! Even a higher volume item such as this part is no match for this cell.

Along with increased machine productivity and utilization, costs are reduced through reduced operator involvement; we can keep our talented employees working on other, more complex, machining jobs. This particular cell has reduced operator involvement by 80%!

If you have any questions or would like to know if your product can be manufactured through automation, please feel free to contact us.