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Made-To-Order Aluminum

From commercial flooring to solar panels, you’ll find Futura solutions just about everywhere you look. Explore some of the products and industries that rely on our made-to-order aluminum extrusions.

Aluminum Products

We take pride in the custom aluminum extrusions we create for a wide variety of industries, including parts for pool covers, shower enclosures, and fitness equipment, as well as components for trucks, cars, and boats – just to name a few. Whether you are looking for a made-to-order product or a custom made solution, when you work with Futura, you’ll always find the perfect fit.


OEM / Custom Solutions

Original Equipment Manufacturers rely on Futura to design and manufacturer custom parts for hundreds of different products. From ladders to custom aluminum products used in the cars we drive, we constantly seek to help our customers create greater value in their products to keep their company’s competitive. We don’t expect your project to fit into any particular mold. Instead, with our focus on flexible manufacturing, we deliver solutions that fit your precise aluminum extrusion needs


As society increases its focus on renewable energy, more and more solar technology companies are turning to Futura. That’s because only our flexible, custom solutions can produce the complex anodized aluminum extrusions and precision-dimensioned products needed for today’s solar panel and mounting systems. With our lean manufacturing techniques, including custom cellular manufacturing work areas designed for the precision mitering and hole/slot placement that solar panel frames require, Futura helps renewable energy customers increase manufacturing efficiency-and decrease production costs.



Futura’s aluminum products likely touch just about everyone’s lives by way of their electronic devices. As a successful supplier to the electronics industry, we provide the material and design expertise to fabricate hundreds of custom and standardized electrical components such as electronic enclosures and highly efficient heat sinks.


More and more vehicle manufacturers are continuing to opt for lightweight aluminum solutions to improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and enhance vehicle performance. Futura plays an important role in this strategy and provides numerous parts to class 8 truck manufacturers.



Futura is a premier supplier of marine grade aluminum products that are used for a variety of applications including gangways, hulls, deckhouses, ladders, handrails, gratings, windows and more. Our marine products are fabricated with added strength and corrosive resistance to ensure optimal efficiencies and reliability.

Store Fixtures

Retail stores are constantly trying to draw attention to their products and merchandise. To help them accomplish this objective, Futura provides various moldings that are used in the creation of beautiful store fixtures and displays using our custom aluminum extrusions.

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Shower Doors

The bath enclosure industry has an impact on just about everyone and Futura plays a critical role as manufacturer and distributor of high quality standard and custom framed shower enclosures.

Flooring Transitions

As the nation’s largest manufacturer and distributor of flooring trims, Futura creates a comprehensive range of carpet transitions, vinyl, and ceramic tile trim products. All our trims are manufactured with precise attention to detail, so you get a product that consistently meets your quality expectations. Our manufacturing process controls ensure the highest flooring trim quality, including sharper fabricated teeth; clean, countersunk nail holes; and fully trimmed-down products. These standardized fabrication processes mean that you can minimize installation time and maximize product quality.

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TSLOTS is Futura’s line of T-slotted aluminum extrusions. These versatile extrusions allow you to build just about anything you can engineer—from workbenches to cleanroom structures to trade show booths. As the only T-slotted system produced and sold by the extruder, TSLOTS ensure consistency and value for virtually any aluminum building project.

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